А я и не знал, что есть такой перевод

"Счастье имеет ленточную подачу БК" ©
If they hunt for that rebellious and unruly head of yours
To make your neck at the gallows even thinner than it was.
You can find yourself a shelter in the woods; you won’t regret!
It is definitely better than the whip you always get!
All you paupers and you beggars, born to live the life of rats
And the vagabonds and stragglers who have nothing but their debts.
If you find yourself in trouble, seek your freedom in the wood,
It’s the kingdom of the noble King of Rebels, Robin Hood!

They’re happy with each other, not afraid of edgy jokes.
They accept and treat with honor all the crazy rough neck rogues.
Even knights sometimes are hiding in the forest for a time
Those that aren’t law-abiding never have a silver dime.
Looking out for deer and merchants that may take the forest route.
They were slaves and they were servants, but free archers they are now.
Those who’ve lost all of their fortune, given shelter, given food.
On the forest path is walking King of Rebels, Robin Hood!

So they live without a care and against all sheriff’s laws.
And they’re happy in their lair, with their arrows and their bows.
They’re sleeping barely covered, underneath the rustling trees.
By the cold they aren’t bothered, glad to be alive and free!
Yet at times they miss their homes, then the wistful mood prevails,
And they tighter grip their bows so in battle they won’t fail.
But tomorrow they will march – a mighty freemen’s brotherhood.
At their helm – the king of archers, King of Rebels, Robin Hood!

ЗЫ: а вот слушать всё же лучше не надо. Во избежание, тассазать.
ЗЗЫ: интересно, и много ли кто опознает оригинал?

@темы: сумеречные вальсы и жуткие частушки нашего Пограничья

2013-04-16 в 11:05 

Храпящий миротворец
не ssы прорвемси...
Если "рыщут" то оно конечно да, лучше в лес. :gigi: Однако забавное кантри. Я бы на Bill the Kid заменил. Один хрен отморозкки что один что другой.

2013-04-16 в 14:49 

That's all.Squadron dismissed....Кто к нам с чем и за чем тот от того и того
Папо всю малину спалил) Оригинал играет в фильме и поется в фильме автором. Вроде даже в рифму, кстати, переводец.